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If you would like to assist with this parish website page "Community Life" such as taking and posting pictures of parish happenings please contact Fr. Andrew.  There are quite a few more events happening than what you see here.  If you have pictures of a certain parish happening or event that you would like to post again contact father.  If you find your picture posted and would rather it not be posted please let us know and it will be taken down.

Blessed Olga of Alaska
New Addition at St. Herman Church
New Addition at St. Herman Church
New Addition at St. Herman Church
Sunday of Orthodoxy

Sunday of Orthodoxy - 03/20/16

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Cleaning and Painting the Church

Preparing for Great Lent! - 02/21/15

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Triumph of Orthodoxy 2015

1st Sunday of Lent - 03/01/15

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Holy Week

Holy Week / Pascha - 04/12/15

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His Grace Visit


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August 2016

His Grace's visit - 08/13/16

His Grace Bishop David's visit to our parish, Subdeacon Shawn Slaiman and Reader Juvenaly Alexander ordination. Fr Andrew awarded to wear the Kamilavka.

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