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2013 Midnight Sun

St. Herman's Annual Parish Fundraiser - 06/23/13

Excellent weather, food, and cooperation among the parish faithful made for a very profitable year spiritually and financially on the Great Feast of Pentecost 2013.

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Rectory Project 2013

Closing It In! - 06/15/13

Our first big work party of the year took place on Saturday, June 15th, 2013.  Ten men from the parish community worked together to enclose the 2nd floor by installing 5 windows and a large door.  Beginning in May and into June interior insullation, vapor barriers and sheet-rock was installed including and R-60 of blow-in insullation above the second floor cieling.  The Lord bless all who labored and donated towards getting the rectory project completed.

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May Their Memory be Eternal!

Give rest oh Lord to the souls of Thy servants who are fallen asleep - 05/31/13

These are the burial places of the servants of God belonging to the Orthodox Church.  All of them will be found at Birch Hill Cemetery except for one, Malfa Burns, who can be found at Northern Lights Cemetery.  

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Holy Friday 2013

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A Compilation of Pictures

A Parishioner's Perspective - 01/20/13

See pictures dating back to John Evans last year, 2012's St. Nicholas Day, 2013's Starring, The Great Blessing of Waters 2013, and a couple of the Baptisms from January 2013. 

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Phase II

Rectory Addition - 10/15/12

Tyvek was applied just before our first snow hit!!  The first floor windows were installed and even a large portion of the first layer of 3" remote insulation was applied also.  Work could continue interiorly on the first floor addition.  The home is in good working order in anticipation for the project's completion God willing, by the end of next year's summer.  The Lord bless all involved who contributed to this years accomplishments!!!

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Phase 1 continuing into Phase 2

Phase 1 continued into Phase 2 Summer of 2012 (Updated)

The Lord blessed the parish with a paradisaical visit from a large owl.  Eyes deep, he stands at the top of the newly installed electric pole overseeing the ongoing work of the rectory project early one June morning.

During this summer much has been accomplished with the rectory addition even with many delays from the rain.   The builders have set the goal for this summer that at the very least the shell of the house be complete (roof and trusses and ice and water shield as well for protection from the weather).  There's more to go.  Your prayers!!  Please enjoy some pictures of the project as it is being complete.  Many parishioners have given a hand to get the project complete.  

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Rectory Progress Continues

Foundation, Floor, and Insulation - 05/25/12

These pictures include the bulk work of Work Party #1 which kicked off the rectory project work for 2012 on May 19th.  Work Parties #2, #3, and #4 contributed to knocking down the arctic entry way and working the existing walls towards preparation of alignment with the new walls going up soon.

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Theophany 2012

Blessing of the Waters

This years "Blessing of the Waters" took place on the Tanana River.  It was very cold (30 below 0) but, a few in the parish braved the weather for the traditional Theophany blessing singing aloud "When Thou Oh Lord was Baptize in the Jordan, worship of the Trinity was made manifest. . ."

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Starring 2012

Slaviq in Fairbanks

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Phase 1 of Rectory Addition

Summer of 2011

Setting a good foundation; not only crucial in the life of the parish but, also very important before doing a significant add-on to the parish rectory!

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20 Mile Farm

A glimpse at the harvest - 08/14/11

20-Mile Farm is owned and operated by one of our parish families specializing in home grown vegetables.  Preferring to do things the "old-fashioned way" they advocate home grown foods to be the more wholesome choice. 

Home grown foods don't have all the chemicals and additives that mass production products have.  Home grown foods also have more substance with more vitamins and minerals. 

Its possible to receive a regular supply of vegetables from 20 Mile Farm.  Contact Raphael Stamey ( for more information or visit their website at

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Midnight Sun Festival/ Summer Solstice 2011

Summer Solstice/ Mid-night Sun Event - 06/19/11

Shrimp Boats with Hush-puppies or Corn?  Chips?  Water?
Don't forget the honey-butter!

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Sisterhood Yard Sale 2011

Sisterhood Yard Sale

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Holy Friday through Pascha 2011

H - 04/24/11

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Palm Sunday 2011

Palm Sunday Beautification - 04/17/11

Parishioners from St. Herman Orthodox Church came together to ready the Church for the Festive Palm Sunday

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Fr. Gerasim visits St. Herman Orthodox Church

STARRING 2011 - 01/07/11

For the first time in a few years St. Herman Church went Starring as this is a common tradition found throughout the Orthodox Christian Churches in Alaska.  Starring is nothing new to Fairbanks and this initial kick off with a new priest turned out to have good participation from the parishioners.  Christ is Born!

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Miscellaneous Pictures from services after Pascha

Miscellaneous Pictures from services after Pascha - 04/11/10

Various pictures from services and events after 2010 Pascha.
So far, here are two pictures from Thomas Sunday.

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Pascha 2010

Pascha 2010 - 04/04/10

Christ is Risen!!! Indeed He's Risen!!!

Celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.
After Paschal services, we celebrated with a feast and communed.

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St. Nicholas Day 2009

St. Nicholas Day 2009

Today, St. Nicholas came to visit. . .  We had a Divine Liturgy.  We ate lunch together and heard about St. Nicholas' and the things he really did do when he was still in the flesh and then we saw him!  We sang "Oh Who loves Nicholas the saintly" to him as he walked in and met with all of us. 

Special thanks to Timothy Nick! As well as all who helped out with the event and the making of Saint Nicholas' outfit.

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All-Parish Thanksgiving Meal at John Evan's Home

All-Parish Thanksgiving Meal at John Evan's home - 11/22/09

We give thanks to Thee O Christ our God, provider of every Heavenly and earthly blessings.

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New Baby Born into the Priest's Family.

New Baby Born into the Priest's Family - 11/16/09

Weighing in at 6 lbs and 6 ounces and measuring at 19 inches long Melania Helen Farha was born this day.

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August 2009, Kwethluk, Alaska

August 2009, Kwethluk, Alaska

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John and Martha's Wedding, July 2009

John and Martha's Wedding, July 2009

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Midnight Sun / Summer Solstice Festival 2009

Midnight Sun / Summer Solstice Festival 2009 - 06/21/09

Midnight Sun / Summer Solstice Festival 2009

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Pentecost Picnic 2009

Pentecost Picnic 2009 - 06/15/09

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Rectory Renovation Spring 09

Rectory Renovation Spring 09

Before a family could move in some things needed to be prepared.

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Blessing of Iconostas

Iconostas Blessing slideshow - 07/23/07

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Various Pictures

Various Pictures

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